Modern Sweet Spicy Sambal Belacan

  • Adabi Modern Sweet & Spicy Sambal Belacan is a unique take on the traditional sambal, with a sweeter and mild taste.
  • Suitable for consumers who prefer a milder level of spice.
  • Ready-to-eat product. Can also be used for cooking, such as fried rice and vegetables.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • 200 gram
  • Comes in a 200g cup with a lid for easy storage.¬†
  • Suitable to be used as dipping sauce, perfect for Ulam
  • Aromatic smell and is best used when added into different dishes while cooking.
  • This product is locally-produced in Rawang by Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn. Bhd. and certified halal by JAKIM
18 Months