Spice Routes

Why Spice Routes?

Adabi made a program called Spice Routes whereby the intention was to generate in deeper on the history of spices origin all over the world. By showing and following caravan of spices using the Silk Route between China and up to the West. We have chose a great TV program where more viewers are such as TV3 and from there Adabi would introduce it products to the consumer all over the Malaysia to be creative and innovative using Adabi’s products. Through the roughs and danger of the journey of spice we have explore the routes and find its origin of each spices.

To inform the origin of spices spreading around the world until today
To educate consumer on the history of spices
To tell Adabi loyal consumer that Adabi know about the history of world spices
To generate basic knowledge on the world spices going around in every countries
To introduce consumer the usage of Adabi products
To show how creative and innovative Adabi products is
To give consumer the value of spices
To educate the origin of spice
To make a good travelogue and cooking TV program for Malaysian and maybe other neighbour countries
To be greater than our competitor TV programs
To cater viewers in whole Malaysia by taking the best TV Station (TV3) 7:30pm every Friday on TV3