Jaguh Kampung

Timing of show

Channel : ASTRO Prima, channel 105
Duration : 30minute x 15 episodes
Language : Malay
Genre : Reality cooking competition show
TX date :  26th March 2011
Timeslot : Every Saturday, 7.30pm
Repeats :  Every Friday, 4.30pm and Every Sunday, 7.00pm

Where would ASTRO want to position this show / direction?

The direction is to “Put your Kampung on the Map”, their cuisines are a source of pride and the dishes made are mostly the local dishes, which they learned from their family & ancestors therefore it’s not known to the world. Our goal is also to promote the local dishes and to raise it in the eyes of Our Cuisine, Our Pride and Our People.

Competition Mechanics

1. Cook-off competition will be opened to kampungs in the following zones across Malaysia:-
North, Central, South, East

  • North : Kedah, Perlis, Penang
  • Central : Selangor, Kuala Lumpur
  • South : Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor
  • East coast : Terengganu, Kelantan Pahang

2. Each week, the show will visit various kampung around each zones and pit 2 kampung’s against each other in a cook-off competition to determine the best cooking crew in the district/zone.

3. The best kampung crew in the zone will then advance to the finals to cook-off against champions of the other zones.

4. Judging criteria will be based on how each cooking crew responds to challenges:-

  • Overall taste & food presentation
  • Best use of local ingredients
  • Budget & time factor

The Concept

  • Jaguh Kampung is a cooking competition between 2 kampung’s who battle against each other to be the best amateur cooking team in Malaysia – 2 teams, 60 minutes, 1 Title.
  • Its hosted by popular celebrity Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud (Kak Ogy) and judged by celebrity chefs such as the funny Jaafar Onn, Chef Zaida, Chef Ismail and Chef’s from the regional hotels.
  • They will be given the main ingredients for the dishes and a different theme for each task which is only revealed on the day of the competition.
  • To make things more interesting, midway through their 60 minutes, they are given a new surprising task i.e. a new dish to present, may it be traditional desserts, side dishes, etc.
  • They are also given motivation by their rally of supporters – their own kampung people cheering for them in the 1 hour battle.