Adabi History

The first batch of Adabi products was created in 1984 from a small factory in Batu Caves Light Industrial Area in Kuala Lumpur. From the Batu Caves, Adabi transferred to a bigger factory in Taman Kepong Light Industrial Area in 1986. This is due to the sudden rise in ourmarket growth, which prompted us to expand. The company had two more plants at Taman Ehsan Light Industrial Area in the year 1990 and 1992.


Due to the sudden rise in consumer demand, Adabi move to its current location in Rawang Integrated Industrial Park. Its 4-acre land is home to the company’s production sites, warehouses, corporate office as well as administrative facilities.

A Growing Household Name

Adabi has become a household brand in every Malaysian home. In a span of two decades, the company is able to make the Malaysian consumers fall in love with their products. As a growing household name, the Adabi brand is on a continuous challenge to provide and consistently deliver the highest quality products to the Malaysian consumers. Despite its established brand, the company is still continuously trying to grow its market share. Weare constantly growing our market share and are applying the latest technological advancements in order to produce the best kind of food products. We are still riding a moving train towards local and global success.