Export Market

PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa


Medan, Sumatera, Indonesia
(Inc. January 11, 1994 – 92% owned)
Operates business as Sole Importer of ADABI’s products for Indonesia.
Phone : +62 6184 6175 9
Mobile : +62 8163 1258 10

In order to facilitate the export of Adabi products, the P.T. Multi Alam Prima Rasa was instituted in January 1994 in Indonesia. This is in compliance with Indonesia’s local regulation that requires all food products sold in the country to be registered and approved by BPOM RI ML or the Health Department of Jakarta.


PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa registered eleven Adabi products, each with a trade number. The registration allows these products to be exported mainly to Medan Sumatera in Indonesia. So far, there is an increasing demand for Adabi food items in the area, which encourages the company to expand its distribution to other parts of Indonesia.

PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa


Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd (ACISB) owns 92% of PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa. Indonesian nationals hold the remaining equity. En. Iskandar Muda HSB serves as Marketing Consultant and oversees the business of PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa in Medan. He has been with ACISB since 1991. He was promoted from Sales Supervisor to Sales Manager during his stint with ACISB. Now, he works as a consultant in Medan since PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa was formed.


Distribution of Production in Indonesia:



Yee Lee Oils & Foodstuffs Pte. Ltd. [View Location]


Nanyang Trading Co. Ltd., Japan


Delger International Group

UK and Australia

Kart Food Sdn. Bhd. [View Location]


Hong Guan Sdn. Bhd., Brunei - acting as agent to Stasuria Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.


1. PT Multi Alam Prima Rasa as Importer
2. PT Eshan Dima as Distributor
3. PT Musti Alam Prime Rasa


Abdullah Ahmad Ayad & Partners Trading company

The products exported in these overseas markets vary per country. Japan imports Perencah Nasi Goreng, Kari Daging and Tom Yam. Indonesia only imports Perencah Nasi Goreng, Tepung Goreng Pisang and Tepung Goreng Ayam. The United States, on the other hand, only orders Ketupat.