CSR Event

Flood Victim Perak

NSTP- Daily News (Perak): Cooking and daily necessities such as sardine Adabi and canned food are provided to 500 families at Pasir Salak, Batu Gajah and Perak Utara areas.


  • Aid is provided to 500 families.
  • Assistance is provided in terms of kitchen needs such as Ketupat, canned foods, Adabi sardine, sambal belacan and salt.
  • Other activities are cooking and cleaning with the media and community.
  • Location: Tumpat, Kuala Krai dan Tanah Merah.

Daily News / RTM ( Mentakab, Temerloh, Jerantut,Kemaman):

  • Aid to 200 families.
  • Help provided are canned foods, sardine, ketupat, cucur and sambal belacan.
  • Among the activities carried out is to clean the housing area of the flood victims.

The Orphans

  • Among the activities of Al-Nasuha Gombak orphanage include cooking and cleaning with the community.
  • Contributions provided are Adabi products and money.
  • There is a total of 120 orphans.
  • Another party involved with contributions is Yayasan Naza.



  • This activity is carried out during every early morning of Ramadan in many locations of KL.
  • Food and drinks are given to tramps.
  • Adabi have allocated food such as rice, side dishes and Adabi soy bean drinks.
  • Media coverage, WHI,MHI, TV3.

Bubur Lambuk

  • Location: Shah Alam, Kedah, Johor dan Kelantan. (Giant)
  • Total: 10 pots for every location.
  • The aim of this event is to let Adabi get closer with the local community.
  • Parties involved are Giant and media.
  • Adabi has allocated 10 pots of lambuk porridge for every location. Besides, lambuk porridge cooking activities, Adabi also helds “Charity Box” event with the help from Giant where the sales revenue will be given to the orphange.