Chairman Message

To Our Dear & Loyal Clients,


Adabi’s quest to become an immortal brand leader has led to the company’s unwavering dedication in providing every consumer with the highest quality food products. You, our consumers, have always been on the top of our minds. We acknowledge the fact that brand awareness and brand recognition do not come from a product’s packaging. It is not about seeing what is written on the label but it is about what the consumers’ heart’s desire.


When I founded this company in March 1984, I was well aware that I have to dedicate my life into producing quality food products for the Malaysian market as well as the people from all over the world. I genuinely believed that consuming great tasting food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I have lived my life for this endeavor and I hope that the products that my company, Adabi, manufactures can give everyone, who have tried and tasted them, the very same delectable pleasure.


I assure you that from this moment forward, the Adabi company will provide you with new products, accessible channels as well as technological advancements, in order for you to experience a different kind of food ecstasy. I guarantee that each of our new product lines is made with the new and improved Adabi way.


Let us support each other in making a positive change in how quality food should be made. I call upon everyone to join me on this delightful culinary journey towards the final destination of food nirvana.


Dato’ Syed Manshor Syed Mahmood
Founder / Managing Director
Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn. Bhd.